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Presentations and recordings from the Nordic Electric Power System Seminar 9 Nov


The Nordic electric power system seminar was held at Chalmers 9 Nov and focused on power system disturbances and robustness. The seminar was organized by Chalmers Energy Area of Advance, University West and the Swedish Electricity Storage and Balancing Centre (SESBC). It gathered about 400 attendees including online participation.

The presentations and seminars covered descriptions, analysis and discussion of some significant power disturbances that have occurred in Sweden, and in he synchronous area of continental Europe. In particular the large Swedish blackouts in 1983, 2003, and the recent 2023 Hagby incident. The consequences for the Forsmark nuclear power plant, in relation to the Hagby incident, were also covered.  

Discussions on system robustness also included Requirement of Generation (RfG) and experiences of RfG verification from production units in Finland, and system protection scheme installations in Norway. Maja Lundbäck, from the Ministry of Climate and Enterprise, talked about the Swedish government’s energy policy. 

Full programme description

Participant list for physical meeting

The presentations and recordings from the seminar can be found below

Ellika Wik and Hannes Hagmar, Svenska kraftnät
Description and analysis of the Hagby incident 26th April 2023

Thomas Smed, Forsmark
Consequences for Forsmark nuclear power plants during the Hagby incident

Daniel Karlsson, Chalmers
The 1983 and 2003 blackouts in Sweden

Annica Gustafsson, Svenska kraftnät
Disturbances in Continental Europe Synchronous Area during the last years

Lena Max, University West
Requirements for generators (RfG)– a way to secure a stable and robust power system

Minna Laasonen, Fingrid
Verification of RfG – experiences from production units in Finland

Kjell Petter Myhren, Statnett
System Protection Scheme Installations in Norway

Maja Lundbäck, Ministry of Climate and Enterprise
The government's energy policy


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