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Intelligent Energy Management

Research & Innovation layer 3

The core activities in the Intelligent Energy Management layer are directed towards a holistic analysis, coordination and control of generation, storage and end-use units connected to the electric power systems. The ultimate goal is to achieve a robust energy balance at any time scale and provide a sufficient mitigation to various situations where the actual load and generation deviate from the forecasted and planned setpoints, while, at the same time, minimizing the overall cost/need for investments.

This layer will explore how to effectively gather, process and distribute the available data using innovative connectivity solutions, and how to design novel machine-learning and control methods to achieve the goal. With the combination of distributed measurements, communication and control for the energy management it will be possible to build an energy network that will provide the desired robustness and resilience and at the same time optimally take advantage of the flexibility offered by generation, end-use and storage units. The research in this layer will be based on models, constraints, network configurations and requirements developed in the Systems layer.

Led by: Professor Tomas McKelvey, Chalmers University of Technology.