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Policy and legislation affecting energy storage and flexibility

March, 2024
12 09:00-10:30


Marielle Lahti, Expert, Energimarknadsinspektionen (The Swedish Energy Markets Inspectorate)

“Innovation, smart grids and regulations – do they march in step?
 In this presentation, an overview is given of regulations related to flexibility matters and the development of smart grids. Moreover, two current projects which aim at working innovatively with solutions enabling new business ideas and more rapid connection to the grid will be presented. In both projects, dialogue with stakeholders is considered crucial.”  

Henrik Ekestam, Power system specialist, Svenska kraftnät

“Technical requirements for grid connection and provision of frequency support from energy storages
 New and revised technical requirements are needed to accommodate the future increase in grid-connected energy storages of various kinds. New technologies in larger volumes introduces new challenges for power system stability as well as new opportunities to tackle both new and existing issues. In this presentation an overview will be given on proposed new national and European technical requirements for grid-connection of electric vehicles, energy storage modules, and consumption with energy storage capabilities, e.g. hydrogen production. Ancillary service provision will also be discussed, with a focus on batteries delivering FCR. “

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